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Training With Pure Fitness Manly Is All About You!

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Whether your goal is to lose weight, get fitter, train for a particular event or just try something new, Pure Fitness boot camp training sessions will deliver. Click on the video below and take a tour.

Do you want to reach your goals faster?

Look no further then Pure Fitness Manly. We are incredibly passionate about our bootcamps and personal training but most importantly our clients!

Contact us today and book in for a free trial. Our professional trainers will guide you through the training no matter what your fitness level. Helping people achieve a higher quality of life is what they live for. So what are you waiting for? Click on the button above and try a bootcamp today.

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What people say about us

  • "When I joined Pure Fitness just under a year ago, I thought I was pretty fit - but little did I know that I wasn’t Pure Fitness Manly fit!  The group workouts are fantastic – they are varied, fun, push you to your limit and most importantly, achieve results.  Every fitness level is catered for and I have felt and experienced constant improvement in my own fitness from week to week.  The trainers are motivated and motivating.  They ensure that the sessions are constantly varied which this is not only great from a mental perspective but it has meant that my body has never got used to a certain activity or training session.  Put simply, I really love coming to training and never regret coming to a session.   What better way to start the day than doing a work-out outside in beautiful Manly with like-minded people and fantastic trainers. "
    "Thanks again for everything Sarah – you really have an excellent business (and I am very sad I won’t be able to train with you guys anymore!)" 
    Jen (Manly)
  • "Sarah’s group training sessions are fantastic! Since joining them I feel healthier, fitter and stronger. Sarah’s never ending energy makes you feel happy about being there – even if it is 6am! The sessions are a great workout and Sarah definitely helps you push that little bit further. Her sessions are always changing and definitely work up a sweat – they are tough but fun. It’s an excellent way to train – the people and Sarah make the time fly by and always a laugh! I also feel that Sarah genuinely cares for her clients and sends us regular emails with hints and tips which is makes a huge difference." Teagan (Seaforth)

  • "I was looking around for a new Personal Trainer (PT) and came across Sarah Turner at Pure Fitness. What a find! Sarah is an unlimited source of energy and it’s contagious to be around her smiling personality and positive attitude. Sarah has a complete view focusing on exercise, diet and well-being. Getting in shape with Sarah is hard, sometimes very hard, but always fun and motivating!" Anni (Manly)

  • "I've been with pure fitness manly for a year and can say nothing but praise for Sarah and the team. Each session is different and caters for every fitness level. The girls are wonderful, fun and really motivating. I feel like a new person, have lost inches, and have more energy than ever. I couldn't recommend becoming a pure fitness manly member more highly, I assure you, it'll be the best thing you can do for yourself." Sophie (Manly)

  • "After 10 sessions with Sarah, I feel much more energetic and am sleeping better. I've lost heaps off the love handles, and the chicks are digging my party guns. Personal training is not cheap; but this has been one of the best investments I've ever made. Sarah rocks." Micah (Manly)

  • "My stats and measurements have improved dramatically and simply put, it’s a team effort, and we work and laugh and push through the barrier..." Mark (Manly)

  • “I’ve been involved in group training sessions with Pure Fitness Manly for six months and am constantly surprised that each session is different from the last one. I have really enjoyed the training and am happy with the results I’ve achieved to date. Sarah’s training style is very engaging. She provides encouragement and at times pushes you out of your comfort zone, but on the other hand she can be quite laid back. She’s good at reading her audience and tailoring the workout as needed. The group sessions seem to attract like-minded individuals that contribute to making the training sessions fun.” Michelle (Manly)

  • "Sarah certainly ensures there is never a dull lunge or crunch within your workout..." John (Manly)

  • "Group training with Sarah is fun, fitness building and firming. Since I’ve been training with Sarah I’ve never felt so much more energised and alive..." TK (Manly)

  • "I’ve seen an improvement in my general well being, focus and work particularly after a tough morning workout and I’m managing stress a whole lot better..." Rani (Manly)

  • "Training with PFM has been a great fun experience. I was always happy to wake up at 5:30am to train with the group, although I’m not really a morning person... PFM has got it all: The workouts are fun, varied, effective, and suit every participant, regardless of fitness goal/fitness level. Instructors are great and motivating. And the training venue is absolutely amazing: nothing beats beautiful Manly beach. You can even go for a dip in the ocean after training. A great way to start your days! Highly recommend it!" Caudia (Manly)


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