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4 habits to consistent and successful training

First of all what is a habit?

It is regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

Habits can be bad or good and some are harder to maintain whilst others you may not even realize you are doing.

When it comes to your health and fitness however, the good ones tend to be a little harder to practice but that is ok! Because it will help you become stronger, more empowered and resilient oh and of course happier and healthier!


My top 4 habits are:

  • Going to bed early and waking early

The early bird really does catch the worm. I used to be the person who easily could stay up until midnight every night and then of course sleep in until 9pm (uni days). These days with 2 small children I am lucky to sleep past 6am. In saying this, I have made it a habit to become a lark and now I don’t think twice about my bedtime of 930pm! You see practicing going to bed and setting my alarm clock really helped me shift my body clock whilst I also shifted my mindset. Now my mindset is the earlier I get up the better..why? Because I function better in the mornings and get my best work done at 6am. I also love to training on the beach at sunrise.It’s a beautiful and exhilarating way to start the day ☺


  • Make nutrition a priority

I used to have a terrible diet. I had no idea what I should be eating or why. I would snack on carby snacks, I thought eating a big plate of carbonara was healthy and would consume copious amounts of alcohol on the weekends. Fast-forward and I now know how to eat and what I should be putting in my body to perform at my best. I need to have energy and feel good for my kids, my workouts and my business. This means lots of lean protein, good complex carbs, lots of vegies and fruit and good fats.


  • Mindset is everything

Without a positive mindset we can forget about achieving our important goals. If you aren’t feeling good or are feeling negative about yourself you are going to find it really hard to love yourself enough and have enough faith in yourself to achieve the things you want too.  I used to have such a negative and victim mentality. Blaming and hiding from the truth. Needless to say I wasn’t happy and couldn’t reach my own goals. It took a lot of reading, talking, journaling, meditating but I am the now the strongest and positive I have ever been plus I am resilient. I can overcome obstacles and won’t fall into a heap if something doesn’t work out the way I planned.


  • It is what it is

I’ve had to cut the control out to be happy and content. I used to be such a control freak about everything and I was always left feeling stressed and anxious when things didn’t go my way. I started each day with a rigid plan in my head and not surprisingly things didn’t always pan out the way I wanted.  Fast forward and yes I still have a plan of attack but I am much more flexible and can easily accept unplanned events without reacting. After all everything will be ok and always works out ok. It is just having the belief in yourself that it will.

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