hard core mum and baby doing push ups

Postnatal workouts just for mums

Here at PURE Mums we are so incredibly passionate about our mums and bubs boot camps.

As a mum myself I know how tough it can be to make the time for you, especially when it comes to exercise. That is why I created PURE Mums. Group fitness for mums who want to be outside in beautiful Manly, working out in the fresh ocean air with bub safely by their side.

All our workouts are designed for post natal mums, who after having their baby are wanting to have some time out for themselves, increase their strength and cardio in a safe and effective mums and bubs environment. We include core work to safely strengthen tummy and bring their abs back together,strengthening for the arms, back, bum and legs. We also throw in some fun partner workouts like boxing to keep the heart rate up and form some friendships along the way.

We love seeing our mum’s glisten, shine and smile after each session, feeling empowered and strong. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with mums saying how amazing they are feeling and they don’t know why they didn’t join us sooner. Some lovely friendships have grown and we make it a ritual to get a coffee afterwards to connect.

Join us today!

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