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Prepping for a fitness competition

I know my clients and friends find bikini and fitness comps a little strange and you know what.? I agree! I mean you spend weeks on end prepping, training super hard, eating a calorie controlled diet, spending thousands, to be on stage for a few minutes. So I wanted to share with you what it is like to prep and what you need to do to be bikini ready. Plus the feeling you get as you step on stage….

1. Eat certain macros and weigh your food
I had a meal plan I had to follow each day and it involved weighing my food to ensure I would grow my muscles but also lose the body fat. This was pretty cool. I learnt what size portions I really only need (without going hungry) to stay satisfied. The diet consisted of my favorite foods like fish, meat, eggs, lots of veg and fruit, avocado, nuts and even alcohol. I didn’t feel restricted and felt good about eating clean the majority of the time. However I still got to enjoy a cheat 2 x a week. (Usually pizza!)

2. Train HARD
I actually didn’t know what it was like to train hard until I started my 2nd comp prep. M coach would say I need you to train harder and at the time I was thinking, but how? I am pushing myself and it hurts. However over time I learnt what training hard really meant and as my mind grew stronger, so did my training. Pretty cool hey? And that is when the results came my friends.

3. Supplements
I learnt a great deal about supplements and although I have always been cynical of extra supplements I have to say, they really helped. I took vitamins such as C, zinc, multi, fish oils plus some fat burners and amino acids and of course protein powder. This all helped both my stamina training and recovery. I don’t think everyone has to get supplements but if you are training hard day in and day out and feel like your energy levels and immune system is taking a hit, it might be a good idea.

4. Money
Yes it can get expensive especially if you have a coach. Personal training sessions do add up (although I feel for me they are completely worth it due to my results plus my own education and knowledge for my own clients.) Then there is the cost of all the supplements plus bikini, shoes, hair, makeup, spray tans, registration and of course food! It will reach a few thousand easily making it an execy little hobby indeed.

5. Time
I didn’t think I would have the time to commit to everything. I had to train 45 minutes in the morning (cardio) and then another hour of weight training, sauna time (20 minutes), stretching, and all the prepping of food. I actually became the most organized I have ever been! However with 2 small children it was at times tough and I really don’t know how I would have been able to do it with a full time job. But you know what? If you want something badly enough….

6. Last week
The last week was tough I am not going to lie. A day looked like this:

Meal 1:
70 grams of oats + scoop of protein powder

Meal 2:
70 grams of fish + 150 grams of asparagus

Meal 3:
70 grams of chicken + 150 grams of broccoli

Meal 4:
70 grams of fish + 150 grams of asparagus

Meal 5:
70 grams of chicken + 150 grams of broccoli

Meal 6: 5 egg whites + 1 egg yolk

It was carb depletion time which meant 2 days before I carb load and in simple terms, pump up the muscles. I also drank 4 litres of water a day and drank dandelion tea to help detox to get a flat tummy. Tip: If you have an event coming up, drink heaps of water a few days before and some dandelion tea.

7. The post comp blues
As I write this, it has only been 2 days since I competed. I have eaten everything in sight (food has seriously never tasted so good!). And now am ready to get back to healthy food again and develop a loving relationship where I don’t have to weigh everything. Because there is such a lead up and hype to the comp, afterwards you can feel melancholy or disappointed or just a little confused as what to do now with your time. Luckily I did well in my comp (I won) so am feeling pretty good however you do get to the stage of, well what is next? I think for me as it goes into summer I am going to take it easy for a while!

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