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Proven Strategies To Lose Baby Weight

When I had my 2nd baby I found it much harder to lose baby weight then the first time. In fact, I was in the best shape of my life just before I feel pregnant with my 2nd. I was running, swimming, doing weight training and felt a million dollars.

Once I fell pregnant with my 2nd it was all much harder to maintain the exercise routine. Or is running after a toddler counted as exercise?! I was also very sick in my pregnancies so found even walking tough. I did get back into some swimming and walking further down the track but not to the degree as I did with my first. Also I had many more pains! They say this happens, thanks Mother Nature!

However I did get back to me pre baby weight and got back to my pre-baby tummy using these 4 strategies:

  1. When I thought I was hungry or craving something I would skull a massive glass of ice-cold water. Not only does it hydrate you, you can mistake being hungry by being thirsty! This was my first go too just to make sure it wasn’t thirst and then I could go and have snack.
  2. Snacks became veggies. Again if I was hungry (or thought I was cause our brain can play tricks on us when we are sleep deprived!) I would reach for cucumber, capsicum and carrots with some cheese or hummus. I would try and fill my tummy with these foods first then perhaps to go a protein source. Veggies have such little calories and no fat you can eat unlimited amounts!
  3. Get moving. It goes without saying that exercise will help you lose baby weight but also help your mental health which in turn will help you lose baby weight even faster. When we are happy and feel good about ourselves, we are much less likely to reach for food.
  4. Do it with a friend. Whether it is a walk, a mums and bubs class, a coffee, do it with a friend. We are SOCIAL beings and are happiest when we are socializing.  It is also very isolating being a new mum. The kid sleeps all day and you find yourself searching Fb for some connection to the world. I tried to walk with friends most days but even just getting outside and joining all the other mothers as they pound the pavement helped.

If you were looking for some extra support we would love to hear from you.

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