rear leg raise

Whats the secret to a good butt??

Got a butt flatter then a pancake? Wish it was more peach? Then you really need to both exercise and fuel yourself the correct way to help it grow and get some ‘gainz’

You can squat away until the cows come home but unless you aren’t engaging the right muscles, you aren’t going to lift and tone it the way you want.

First things first, how to engage:

Just stand and clench your butt a few times…feel that? That is engaging and we want to feel that when doing an exercise that is using your butt. For some it is still hard to really feel it, so it is best to start with isolating the glutes with glute activation work to really fire them up so it becomes automatic.

I honestly only learnt this maybe a year ago after realizing I myself was not squeezing making me a lot more quad dominant. Sure, its great to have strong quads but its actually not very effective if they are more dominant then the glutes (especially for runners who need the power of their glutes).

The best way to begin is to do a variety of exercises such as. See below and try these exercises 2-3 times a week and you will see the different in no time on both being able to activate your glutes AND growing that peachy perky butt!

Glute bridge:



clam workout position

Butt lifts

rear leg raise



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